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Oysters “Functionally Extinct”

Hold on to your hats, seafood lovers, scientists have declared oysters “functionally extinct”!

According to The Daily Mail:

"Oyster reefs around the world are disappearing so fast that more than 85 per cent have been lost to disease and over-harvesting, according to a study.

The mollusk is disappearing from its natural habitat and is now ‘functionally extinct’ in many places due to over-exploitation, scientists believe.”

Raw bars around the world can be heard weeping.

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    This breaks my mollusk-loving heart!
  2. goodanya said: and when the oysters die, so does love. or at least lust. maybe just lukewarm-like fueled beyond its weight class.
  3. signsof2012 said: This is so sad. My taste buds are totally bummed.
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